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Only continuous innovation, sustainable value can face the future. To provide complete and innovative design and production for many international brands.

NEW DONGHO is a professional engaged in digital ultrasonic welding leading supplier, in 1996, continuous innovation technology and adjust product positioning, research and development of ultrasonic plastic welding machine, ultrasonic metal welding machine, ultrasonic mold design and manufacturing, and environmental issues in recent years, the global industry will be committed to developing green process concept.Ultrasonic welding provides feasible environmentally friendly and reliable solutions to various industries to maintain the sustainable operation of enterprises.

NEW DONGHO is guided by Industry 4.0 and can realize remote monitoring, data integration, improve product yield, and combine with automatic production to improve efficiency. The placement of ultrasonic machinery will become the most powerful partner of customers.

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We are doing a couple of things you might be interested in

Product process evaluation

Product process evaluation

Comprehensive evaluation of products by industry

Product welding verification

Product welding verification

Product proofing test and result analysis

Mold design and production

Mold design and production

Professional manufacturing and design of ultrasonic molds

Professional technical consulting

Professional technical consulting

Comprehensive technical team consulting services

professional field

NEW DONGHO specializes in
ultrasound knowledge and R&D

Our services

We are doing a couple of things you might be interested in

R&D and manufacturing

New dongho has a professional R&D and design team that provides you with products with the best innovative value based on the four major professional project concepts of R&D, Design, Quality and Innovation.

Mold design

Ultrasonic mold design is an important key factor affecting product quality. Through comprehensive analysis and precision processing, the optimal vibration performance of the ultrasonic welding head is calculated, and professional manufacturing technology is used to cooperate with customers to produce customized molds.

Innovative technology

Subvert traditional thinking, continue to carry out application innovation and pay attention to the latest technology, and ensure that efficiency and quality are always leading.

Software development

Independent development of machine data software logic control and remote monitoring, timely feedback according to customer needs, to provide customer New Dong Ho data log to improve user production efficiency.

Lndustrial application

Multi-faceted ultrasonic technology can be effectively combined with machinery and equipment in various industries to make production more efficient and environmentally friendly.
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Has a number of patents and exclusive design structure


New Dongho develops its own Datalog to provide real-time feedback on production data for yield control.


Design of ultrasonic molds for optimal vibration performance through FEM calculations.


New Dongho designs and produces vibration systems, as one of the core technologies.


Multiple welding modes and UTC high level motion control, processor for improved quality control.

Product features

NEW DONGHO Ultrasonic Machine Series

Combined with self-developed functions and software to improve the efficiency and quality of customer's production, data-based production effectively helps various industries to apply and produce perfect products.


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