NEW DONGHO Ultrasonic has officially launched a newly designed official website.
We have fully updated our website this year and officially launched it on February 1st, in order to give customers a better browsing experience. The new website will have more features and information to make it easier for customers to check the pages. Welcome to visit and explore the various features of our new official website.

We not only updated the visuals of the website to make the browsing and operation interface smoother, but also added new pages such as technical descriptions, industry solutions, and the latest news. On the website you can find all product information from NEW DONGHO, as well as many solutions that may be useful for your situation.
  • Technical Description
    Update the expertise and application sharing in the field of ultrasonic welding irregularly, and stimulate new ideas and solutions through sharing and applying the knowledge.
  • Products
    Browse through the product features, specifications, machine movies and application products, whether it is ultrasonic plastic welding machine, ultrasonic metal welding machine or mold design and production can quickly find the product models that meet your product.
  • Industry Solutions
    Diversified product database is established to provide queries for different industry applications can help you understand the practical application scope and feasibility of ultrasonic technology, and can customize the most suitable industry solutions for customers.
  • Q&A
    Want to know about ultrasonic? Want to know whether your product can use ultrasonic? A series of frequently asked questions, NEW DONGHO will answer them one by one for you.
  • News
    Any NEW DONGHO latest news announcements will not let you miss any information.
  • Contact us
    Multiple service sites ensure quality implementation, while cooperating with your business needs to shorten the delivery time, provide the fastest, professional service. NEW DONGHO the global service network provides you with unparalleled professional services to meet your ultrasonic fusion needs.
NEW DONGHO's official website has added a lot of rich and professional information. Whether it is ultrasonic plastic welding, ultrasonic metal welding or mold design and production, the professional team of NEW DONGHO Ultrasonic will provide you with the best solutions. Here are the ultrasonic products you are interested in. Ultrasonic welding information is waiting for you to explore!